Arduino AT41 Time Delay Relay Circuit Timing Switch Module 1s-20H 1500mA For Delay Switch Timer Board DC 12V 24V 3V 5V

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Specifications:Delay Time Adjustment Range: 1S-20HVo output port output high level;driving capacity is up to 1500mAPower Supply Voltage: DC 3-27VMax Operating Current:1) 3V: 0.27mA2) 5V: 0.56mA3) 12V: 1.6mA4) 24V: 4.4mAApplication:delay switch,timerSize: 15x11x8mmPin Space: 2.54mmPin Definition:1.VCC:power2.Vo:output port3.TG: trigger signal input port (high level)4.GND:power groundSide Pin Instructions for Use:1.After power on,Vo output port has no output,after Vi port input high level signal trigger,Vo output port has no output;after delay for some time,Vo output port output high level.Above two modes can be shifted by module wire jumper2.1, 2, 3 three pins are used to set the timing time range, 1-2 connection timing time is adjustable from 1 second to 290 seconds; 2-3 connection timing time is expanded by 256 times, which is adjustable from 256 seconds to 20.5 hours.The 4, 5, and 6 pins are used to set the state of the module output Vo.3.4-5 connected, the initial state after power-on and the output after reset are low level, the output is open state after the timing time is reached; 5-6 is connected, the initial state after power-on and the output after reset are open state, after the timing time is up The output is low.4.Adjust the potentiometer counterclockwise, the time is reduced, and the potentiometer time is increased clockwise.5.The timing time range jumper has a timing of 256:1 at two locations. Assuming an 8-hour delay, you can first connect the 1-2 pins with a j

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